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photo: Pompeii ruins


Famous worldwide, the ruins of Pompeii are the only archaeological site in the world, together with that of Herculaneum, capable of providing a clear picture of a Roman town, whose life ended in a distant morning of 79 AD, the day it was buried by the historic eruption of Vesuvius.
Pompeii owes its exceptional state of preservation to the manner in which it was buried. Tons of ash, pumice and lapilli covered the city with a layer of more than 6 meters, preserving it from most of the ravages of time. Pompeii had become a Roman colony in 80 BC. During those years, there were some important achievements such as the thermal baths and the amphitheatre. The Forum is opposed to the theatre district , the heart of the cultural and religious activities of Pompeii, built in the second century BC.
In the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum, you can – subject to the approval of local authorities – organise events and functions in some specially designated areas .